Imports & Visitors

Import Players and their Visitors

Northern Districts Baseball Club Import Players and their visitors.

Season 2006 - 2007

 Zeke Mitcham; American Non Playing Coach. 23 games. Zeke was assistant coach for the German National team.  link

Geoff Freeborn; Canadian Pitcher.  Geoff played 23 games. Geoff & Raef were teammates on Great Britain National Baseball team 

  Raef Hobbs_Brown; Australian Pitcher. Raef played 23 games. Raef and Geoff both played in Germany.  Link

  Lino Marriot; American Shortstop. Lino played 18 games.  Link

Season 2007 - 2008

Raef Hobbs-Brown; Utility Player. Raef played 10 games.  Link

  Drew Miller; Canadian Outfielder. Drew played 33 games. Link

 Kevin Price; American Utility Player. Kevin played 32 games.  Link

Beryl and Wayne Miller; Drew's Parents. Wayne played two games.


Season 2008 - 2009


 Raef Hobbs_Brown; Utility Player. Raef played 30 games. A total of 63 games. Link

Drew Miller;  Outfielder. Junior Coach. Drew played 29 games. Link

Patrick Arlis; American Catcher. Junior Coach. Patrick played 32 games. Link                            

  Amy Cooke; Drew's Girlfriend. Played a game in Women's League.

Amie Ott; Raef's Girlfriend. Played a few games in Women's League. 

   Jo and Richard Hobbs-Brown; Raef's Parents.


Season 2009 - 2010

Drew Miller; Coach and Outfielder. Drew played 22 games. A total of 84 games. Link

Matthew Stone; American Pitcher. Played two games and returned to USA for treatment for injured arm.  Link

Isaac Hess; American Pitcher. Isaac played 11 games.  Link

Beckie Dykshoorn: Canadian Sports Therapist.

  Lorinda and Ron Dykshoorn; Beckie's Parents.

 Hei-Chun Lee, Pitcher with Yukult Swallows in Japanese Baseball League, visited his friends on Korean REDS team.

Season 2010 - 2011

 Andrew DeMott; American Pitcher. Andrew played 24 games. Link

  Jeff Beachum; American Utility Player. Jeff played 20 games.  Link


Season 2011 -2012

  Louis Templeton; Shortstop. Returned to USA, after a few games to try out for the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Organisation.  Link

Shawn Hetherington; Canadian Pitcher/Utility Player.  Link

 Bob Foerster; Canadian Infielder. Link

 Hei-Chun Lee; Korean pitcher with Doosan Bears in Korean League, visiting friends in Korean REDS team, again.


Season 2012 -13 

 Nathan Linseman: Canadian Pitcher/Utility Player. Link

 Jack Thompson: Canadian Utility player. Link

 Kirk Haviland: Canadian Utility player. Link

 Sandy and Leon Linseman, Nathans parents from Ontario, Canada.


Season 2013-14

 Shawn Hetherington; Canadian Pitcher/Utility Player.

Jack Thompson; Canadian Utility Player.